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If you find one please let me know! I am trying to help my brother who is a registered s. He is staying at an awful motel while we find something more permanent. I am looking for a place to rent in Tempe, Az I have an indecent exposure charge in please contact me at if you can help. Hi i know this is old but did u ever findva place? I am looking for a place for me son in law. Please email me. Mostly Transitional Housing and temporary is available, unless someone has big bucks to buy a house out right. I am a sex offender with custody of my 2 daughters 12 and 6 yrs old. I won custody in Family Court in Fresno.

It is horrible and our rights to fare and impartial treatment is violated everyday. Society beleives my girls are better off without me. Society wants to control my daughters choice they feel and are safe with me. We want to find a state that embraces that sex offenders can change its a thiught decease. Charles Thomas Charlesthomas yahoo. I am with 2 my 2 minor daughters had to flee California and try to find somewhere we can live in peace I have legal custody through the courts.

SUNDAY: Sex offenders flocking to Arizona?

We are a family no one has to agree with us we just want to enjoy life like other people. California says they protect kids? Charles Thomas just arrived in Phoenix from California we are. Hi need your help. Need a transitional home or apt for my son in law near tempe. I am looking for a small house for me and my husband with one small dog to live, we do not want to live in studios anymore and would like to find a large apartment, or small house between a month depending on the condition of the apartment, or house I will pay more but would like to stay in that range since more likely I will be paying for all other utilities.

He has not child crimes at all and never has had. We have several homes that are rent free for sex offenders its a church program feel free to contact me redeemed outreach I just need a place long enough for him tell I can get a more permanent housing line up no more the 6 months. Looking to rent a home. Recently out of prison. Need it sooner the better. Email plz dkoerschner gmail.

I am searching anywhere close to Phoenix or out of state. It is not some much the county as it is the city. So what I want to know is these places in Phoenix or the valley that are listed, are they inside those red zones. My wife and I are moving to the Tucson area this summer and, while we intend to buy a house, wish to rent until we get to know the area. I am 71 with a nonviolent non-contact offense from 10 years ago. We have 2 small dogs. Would prefer a nice 2-bedroom apartment or condo, preferably on ground level. We are both professionals, educated, respectful.

Needing help. Trying to find 2 bed room in phx i am a s. Any body know who rents to sex offenders. I also am battling cancer. Hi sharon Have u found a place? I am looking for my son in law Maryann Cccdixon hotmail. He 24 working daily work and currently on a braclet due to not being able to afford hotel rooms ever night. Does anyone have a room for rent? Hi my name is Reggie.

I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for just me. I have a voucher from Home Inc they will pay the rent and deposit.

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If this is a match call me Thank You. Wanting to move in by September. Studios, W Latham St, Pk. Please help if you can we keep to ourselves and keep a very clean place. His works close to 35 ave and mcdowell thank you. My wife and I have been living in the area of Van Buren St.

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Now our new landlord wants to remodel our apt. Looking for a place. Found this site instead. Now with a renewed hope the search is on!! We accept all sex offenders in phoenix az our 8 month program is faith based and free we do volenteer work to support our operations if you any any questions my name is shane im the program director for redemeed outreach center my number is I am attempting to relocate to the valley to be with my family. I am looking for a small home or apartment.

I have great credit and work. Any help would be much appreciated. I am married to a sex offender, currently pregnant, and have a child from previous marriage. I am trying to find locations in az that we could move to as my current apts are not felon friendly. He is level 2 offender due to a stupid incident with a minor lying about their age to him over 25yrs ago.

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I would like to know how up to date the housing list on this site is and it looks like a lot of people are having difficulty. My son will be released in June , level 1. I would like to find a place for him to stay. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not from here I have been trying to get a place to stay for going through court also a place I can use an address too.

AZ: MariCo attorney behind push to slightly loosen sex offender registry law

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September 6, at pm. November 12, at pm. September 21, at pm. Dose anyone no of a trailer park and trailer for sale that will accept sex offenders I am Victoria Martinez.

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February 17, at pm. June 6, at pm. April 25, at pm. September 5, at am. Sharon Sanchez.

November 19, at pm. I am looking for some where to rent. Jackson Phoenix, AZ Northwest Regional Court Center W. Southeast Court Complex E. Javelina Mesa, AZ Northeast Regional Court Center N.

When ordering by phone, call Send your fax request to Correspondence Section, Clerk of the Court at Note that certified records are not available by fax. The Clerk charges 50 cents per page for copies of court records. The Clerk accepts cash, money order, debit card, or credit card for in-person requests.