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Ohio Rev. Administrative Order. Code DCF As you can see in the chart above, child support guidelines are implemented in different ways. Twenty-four states and D. See the breakdown here:. NCSL staff in D. Whereas this second model may be more economical, role confusion, boundary questions, and ethical problems arise whenever professionals shift their primary function. The courts that have explored using parent coordinators have forged various methods by which the third party parent coordinator is assigned authority to deal with the high-conflict case: 1 Ad hoc orders by individual courts without an existing framework of rules; 2 local court rule; and 3 state statute.

Ad Hoc System of Case Management. The most common method presently used for appointment of parent coordinators is a system of ad hoc orders issued by individual judges requiring parents involved in high conflict custody cases to participate in programs set up to reduce the conflict.

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Under this ad hoc method, a judge will refer high conflict cases to an outside entity or individual for intense mediation, arbitration or education regarding ways of resolving ongoing disputes. Although the authority under which many of these orders are made is unclear, judges may make such referrals under existing statutes or court rules authorizing parent or marital counseling, parenting education programs, appointment of arbitrators, psychological testing and evaluation, appointment of guardians ad litem, special child advocates, or special masters.

Other courts have created a more formalized method of Case Management. Under this second manner of dealing with the high conflict case, a court adopts an administrative rule providing the basis upon which a neutral parenting coordinator may be appointed. While the Parent Coordinator is charged with attempting to mediate disputes between the parents, if an impasse between the parents is reached on a matter not specifically governed by a court order, the decision of the Parent Coordinator prevails until the matter is reviewed by the court on request of either party or the Parent Coordinator.

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The Marin County, California Superior Court, however, has a rule that appears to have been drafted with high conflict cases specifically in mind. Statutory Enactment. In finding that the trial court had improperly delegated its authority, the Colorado Court stated:. The record here shows that the husband agreed to involvement of the guardian ad litem, but he did not agree to deferral of any decision-making autority to the psychiatrist.

In finding that such a delegation was improper, the Court of Appeals stated:.

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Hence, we conclude that this delegation of authority to modify parenting time was error. Although the court upheld the order in Chantal S. This is consistent with findings of improper delegations of judicial authority to private individuals in other contexts, and with the prohibition in the California Constitution against delegation of duties other than subordinate judicial duties. Universal City Studios, Inc. The order in our case differs significantly from the order reviewed in Chantal S. Under this order, the therapists, not the court, have unlimited discretion to decide whether visitation is appropriate.

That is an improper delegation of judicial power. We could speculate that the court intended to allow visitation only when father had made progress in his therapy or that it intended visitation to begin only when the children no longer exhibit regressive behavior when told of upcoming visits. Even when the appellate courts have approved the appointment of special masters by trial courts to assist in the determination of issues the appellate courts have been cautious of the procedures used by the trial courts in following the recommendations made by those masters.

As courts seek out ways to deal with highly conflicted families and try to control their over-crowded dockets, it is probable they will increasingly turn to extra-judicial means of managing these disputes. Case management through parent coordinators may have some advantages to the traditional way of dealing with high conflict custody cases. The challenge to the legal profession will be to work for better management of these situations with an eye toward reducing conflict and making better lives for the children affected by these disputes while preserving the due process rights of the parents involved.

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These high-risk individuals share 1 an unwillingness or inability to experience the loss and rejection that are part of divorce and 2 a predisposition to project onto others the blame for the family breakup. I, unpublished slip op. Lipkin in December, See appendix. Levinson, — N.