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When notified by letter, you will have sixty days to pick up your property. To file a police report, please call the Richmond Police non-emergency number at and press option 1 or visit your local precinct. After filing a police report, you should go to the Magistrate's Office located in Police Headquarters at W.

Grace St. You will be asked to provide basic information about the individual, such as. The Richmond Police Department is not associated with any organization soliciting funds. It is at your discretion whether or not to make donations. To inquire about organizations soliciting funds, contact. Richmond, VA The telephone number is You will need to bring two forms of identification with you, one of which must include a photo.

If you require a statewide criminal history, you will need to contact the Virginia State Police at Fingerprinting is done from a.

Criminal Record Check

The customer must present ID and have their own fingerprint card s , appointments are not necessary. For additional questions contact the Central Records Unit at The first is Incident Based Reports reports taken by the officer that can be accessed via the web at www. There is a disclaimer; if you agree to these conditions, click agree and a request screen will appear. The other form of information available is Calls For Service all calls received that are or non-emergency. This information can be obtained by contacting the Central Records Unit at If it is an emergency, call if the incident is in progress.

If it is a non-emergency, call and press option 1. Officers are available to speak to groups at community meetings and schoolchildren for educational events. Please note that we require two weeks notice prior to your event. See the City of Richmond's Parking Information. Broad St. Mayor Levar Stoney. How large is the Richmond Police Department?

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What is Crime Stoppers and how does it work? Do you have Neighborhood Watch programs? How do I become a Richmond Police officer? My property was seized. How do I get it back? Location: E. How do I become a Richmond Police volunteer? How do I file a police report? You will be asked to provide basic information about the individual, such as full name address date of birth police report number Your photo ID is required.

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The phone number to the Magistrate's Office is I have received calls soliciting funds for various groups, such as the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Protection Fund. Are these legitimate? To inquire about organizations soliciting funds, contact Virginia State Police Association at Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs at My car was towed.

How can I get a copy of a police report? Richmond, VA I need to get a background check done. What do I do? The Richmond Police Department only conducts local background checks. I need to be fingerprinted. How do I get crime statistics for a neighborhood?

There are two types of information available. How do I report a crime or suspicious incident? How do I invite a representative from the Police Department to attend our community meeting?

Problems With The FBI’s Fingerprint Database

Contact Information: Richmond Police Dept. City of Richmond Map It. Non-Emergency or to file a Police Report: Would you like to become an RPD officer? Submit a CrimeStoppers tip or call Need to report a crime or suspicious incident? Need Fingerprinting?

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

Need a Copy of a Police Report? Car Towed? Member of the Media? Still have questions? Please email or call Do not use this email to report a crime. To report a crime, call the Department of Emergency Communications at No we do not cap our county criminal searches.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Employment Background Screening

We make two attempts each day to get verification, the length typically 3 business days of time is completely up to the client. Yes, you will be assigned your own dedicated account rep to handle all customer service related questions, here in the USA and speak English. Our system does integrate with ADP workforce, I will have to check with my programmers to see if there are any fees for implementation, ongoing maintenance, etc. I will follow up with you on this question There may or may not be a charge depending on the ATS system. Yes, we can schedule a monthly meeting to discuss performance and concerns re: reviewing turnaround time, volume trends and efficiencies.

It provided as a value added complimentary service. All customer service questions are issued a trouble ticket instantly we respond within the hour during normal business hours. Attention is given to high publicity threats such as viruses, denial of service attacks, and other malicious activities over the internet, as well as, to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive application data such as credit reports, social security numbers, and other personally identifying information.

Our applicant screening system development staff uses industry-leading technology to secure operating environment, including client authentication password-controlled access , data encryption, public-private key pair, firewalls, intrusion detection, filtering routers, and data backups. Each component acts as a layer of protection to safeguard information from unauthorized users, deliberate malfeasance, and inadvertent loss.

We also use a shared responsibility model with Amazon web services who participate in SOC Compliance. We have never had a breach. You can find our Privacy Statement located here. Save your business from hiring the wrong employees with our top level pre-employment background reports. You will get crucial data on the history and qualifications of potential hires that they may have hidden from you during the job interview. Fill out the form to see what your screening report will potentially reveal about your new prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pre-Employment Background Screening Below are answers to frequently asked questions about background screening and employment verification and how pre-employment background screening companies can help. Why do background checks?

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What searches are included in a background check? What does a Social Security Number Trace reveal? How long does it take to get reports from pre-employment background check companies? Does your company provide services nationwide? Does my applicant need to complete a signed release? May I just use my own release form? How do you ensure confidential information is secure? What is negligent hiring?

How far back does an employment background check go? You are legally obligated to go through the following steps to disqualify someone employment due to the results of the background check: Provide your applicant with a pre-adverse action letter, a copy of the entire background report, a Summary of your Rights Under the FCRA form, and if in California, The California Statement of Consumer Rights form.

The pre-adverse action letter must include the name of the CRA, address and phone number so your applicant can contact the CRA, if they wish to do so, in order to find out the details regarding the negative information they wish to dispute. Criminal record review — definitions — Rap Back program, requirements, fingerprints — information to be provided by applicant — confidentiality — notifications and forms provided by patrol. As used in this section, the following terms mean:. The central repository shall have the authority to submit applicant fingerprints to the National Rap Back program to be retained for the purpose of being searched against future submissions to the National Rap Back program, including latent fingerprint searches.

Qualified entities may conduct Missouri and national criminal record reviews on applicants and participate in Missouri and National Rap Back programs for the purpose of determining suitability or fitness for a permit, license, or employment, and shall abide by the following requirements:.


As part of such registration, the qualified entity shall indicate if it chooses to enroll their applicants in the Missouri and National Rap Back programs;. As a part of the registration, the qualified entity shall agree to comply with state and federal law and shall indicate so by signing an agreement approved by the Missouri state highway patrol. The Missouri state highway patrol may periodically audit qualified entities to ensure compliance with federal law and this section;. The Missouri state highway patrol shall provide the applicant's national criminal history record information directly to the qualified entity;.

This section shall not require the Missouri state highway patrol to make such a determination on behalf of any qualified entity;. A qualified entity that is required by law to apply screening criteria, including any right to contest or request an exemption from disqualification, shall apply such screening criteria to the state and national criminal history record information received from the Missouri state highway patrol for those applicants subject to the required screening; and.

The state, any political subdivision of the state, or any agency, officer, or employee of the state or a political subdivision shall not be liable for damages for providing the information requested under this section. The applicant subject to a criminal record review shall provide the following information to the qualified entity:.