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Sometimes a simple phone number or street address is a more helpful data point. These websites are definitely worth a look, even if they do sometimes have a price tag associated with them. When it comes to contact information, the official White Pages website is hit-or-miss.

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You can view their address, around what age they are, and close relatives. Similar to WhitePages, ZabaSearch offers a fairly good index of people. View address history, relatives, past and present places of work, and schools attended.

Though this website is made for creating family trees, the free information that they offer can give you an insight into the person you are researching. The site offers billions of historical records including census records, birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records, living people records, and military records. Criminal background searches are often some of the most revealing and most warranted.

The same goes for that babysitter you just hired for the weekends and that electrician working in your home.


Family Watchdog is a free website that helps locate registered sex offenders in your area. The website gives information about the offender including their basic information, addresses, charges, markings, and aliases.

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Needless to say, the internet has made access to public records a lot easier. The site is free and easy to use but merely serves as a gateway to other public records sites. The site serves as a direct portal to official county and state record databases and even carries out criminal background checks for a small fee. We all know your credit can make or break your financial desires. Most credit report websites offer reports for a small fee, or even free depending on your situation.

Innovis is one of the more trustworthy credit report sites.

You are legally entitled to receive one free credit report every 12 months from each of the large, nationwide consumer reporting companies, including TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Domaintools Whois as well as every major registrar allows you to type in a domain name or IP address in the search bar and find out who owns that domain.

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How to make ringtones for an iPhone 16 hours ago. The best touchscreen gloves to keep you warm while you tap 1 day ago. Small details are extremely important, for instance making sure that the offense that is showing up under say Mike Louis is really Michael C. Louis or Mike W. Lewis and so forth. It is not uncommon to get "untrue" information due to mistaken identity. Running legitimate reports with the applicant's permission, social security number, etc.

Last, but not least, a problem with the "free" background check companies is the fine print - regarding how the reports are to be used.

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What most people miss usually at the bottom of the screen is the fact that the reports are not to be used for employment background checks, tenant screening, consumer credit decisions or any other purpose that requires FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance. What this means is that if you are a legitimate business, property manager or landlord, you can be faced with serious legal consequences if you use one of these sites.

Because running reports on one of these sites means that they didn't require the authorization of the applicant to run the background check, which is a violation of the FCRA that requires consumer reporting agencies to have an applicant's permission to run background checks and credit reports. Websites that aren't legitimate background check companies' databases aren't reviewed, which means their records aren't verified for accuracy meaning that information furnished could be out of date, or incorrect as in cases with mistaken identity. It is not advisable to rely on "free" background check services when it comes to making business decisions.

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It is good advice to remember that "you get what you pay for" which may not be anything of actual value when it comes to these online sites. Many of these types of reports can be completely useless due to inaccuracies as well as the fact that they many not search the "right areas" for the type of record that you need, even after you made a payment to them, and then of course you aren't legally allowed to use the info as mentioned above.

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This can just waste a hiring manger or landlord's time and they will probably end up having pay again to run a report with a legitimate background check company before the actual hiring or renting decision is made.