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A person can be charged with public intoxication in Houston, and throughout Texas, if they appear in public while intoxicated and are considered a danger to themselves or others. There are countless situations where a person could be arrested for public intoxication without real cause, due to the broad and ambiguous nature of Houston public intoxication laws.

It truly can happen to anyone.

Purdue professor arrested for alleged public intoxication

Avoid the potentially serious and long-term consequences of being found guilty of public intoxication in Houston. Call Cannon Law to schedule your initial consultation today. Under Texas law , intoxication can be defined as:.

As you can see, police officers can arrest nearly anyone for public intoxication in Houston, if that person has had a couple of drinks and is out on the town. A Houston public intoxication charge is a Class C misdemeanor. The next time you apply for a job or an apartment or require a background check of any sort, the public intoxication charges will show up.

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It could lead to embarrassing or invasive questions about your lifestyle and alcohol consumption. Even a misdemeanor criminal record could have an effect on your future by limiting your job prospects or housing options. The court system is not easy to understand or navigate for the average person. An attorney experienced in public intoxication defense in Houston can guide you through the process, clearly explain all of your options, and help to ensure your rights are protected.

Being charged with public intoxication in Houston is something that can happen to anyone. Many individuals have alcoholic drinks and will get drunk in bars, clubs or restaurants. If the individual can show through witnesses that his behavior did not meet the level necessary to be arrested for public intoxication, this also can be a defense to the charge of public intoxication.

Being in public is also a necessary element of the crime of public intoxication.

Public Intoxication at Bonnaroo

This means that if the police arrest an individual for public intoxication while she is in a private home, or in a hotel room, the individual can fight the charge since she was not in public. However, public does not necessarily mean that an individual be in an area where the general public frequents. Public can also be defined as common areas in apartment buildings, or just outside a privately owned residence. Even if a person willfully ingests drugs or alcohol in a public place, and his behavior meets the requisite level to be charged with public intoxication, if he was administered medication for medical or therapeutic purposes, this also is a defense to the charge of public intoxication.

Public Intoxication Charges under California Law, Explained

Penalties for a public intoxication conviction will vary both by jurisdiction and whether the individual has prior offenses. In most states and counties, public intoxication is usually charged as a misdemeanor offense, which can mean jail time, fines, community service, probation, or any combination of the above.

Having prior public intoxication convictions can increase these penalties.