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VIN Lookup: How to Decode Your VIN

A CARFAX report is a vehicle history report that will tell you if the vehicle has any issues and provide insight as to how it was cared for. There is another option for consumers who want a vehicle history report. CARFAX reports also include detailed maintenance records, while Autocheck assigns a score to the vehicle to help you compare it to other vehicles. Consumers can save by purchasing a number of reports at once.

Where to find VIN Number?

Keep up the good work in informing prospective Buyers!!! What is a VIN? T he VIN is most commonly located on the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle. It can be viewed by standing outside the car and looking on the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. Why is Checking a VIN important?

If the advertised VIN number does not match up with the make and model of the advertised vehicle, it can indicate a potential scam. A standard VIN check can also reveal important vehicle history information including if it has been stolen.

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How to Find the Model Year and Build Date of Your Vehicle - CURT Manufacturing

We welcome your feedback to help us improve PPSR. These three digits are followed by a five-digit sequence that will tell you specifics about the car including model, engine information, series, etc. The 9th digit is a security check--it has no special meaning, but it does confirm that the manufacturer has authorized the VIN for a specific car. The 10th digit tells the year associated with the car model, and the 11th the plant where the car was assembled.

Finally, the last six numbers of a VIN are a serial number for the car. This number will allow you to track exactly when your car was produced.

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This can be helpful if there were assembly errors between certain dates. Only cars manufactured between those dates will need to be fixed. Between and , VINs varied widely by manufacturer.

Vehicle Ownership and Owner Lookup by VIN Number

If you have a car manufactured within this time frame, your VIN may look completely different from the standard we are used to today. The length and meaning of a VIN issued between and can vary widely. VIN: What is it?

Decode Your VIN

How long is the VIN number? The most common place is the driver's side dash.