Registered sex offenders in bothell wa

The map was made using data from the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs sex offender registry.

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This map may not show all of the registered offenders in the Puget Sound area because some fail to register. We have also excluded the city of Seattle. You can search for offenders in any community at the Washington at the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs website.

It should also be noted that not all offenders in this map were convicted of crimes involving children. Sometimes offenders are released to another jurisdiction because they may have family support there, additional treatment to complete at a program located in the other jurisdiction, or they may have found a job in the area that will lead to a productive lifestyle.

If the offender is so dangerous, why is he being let out in the first place? Washington is one of the states that have specific sentence ranges for each crime. These sentence lengths are called presumptive sentences and are determined by the Washington State Legislature this is called determinate sentencing.


When this offender was sentenced to prison by the judge, the length of required prison time was within the range. Someone with no previous offenses has a shorter sentence, than someone who has been in trouble before.

Known Residents

A person, who has a previous offense against a person, will be sentenced to a longer term than someone whose previous offense was a property crime. These possibilities are included in the sentencing guidelines. This is called an exceptional sentence. When a judge has a compelling reason to depart from the sentencing guidelines above or below, he or she must submit the reasons for that departure into the court record.

Oregon has the highest number of registered sex offenders per capita

At some point in time, the offender will have served the sentence required by law and must be released. Once the sentence is finished, neither the Law Enforcement Agency, nor the court has the power to tell the offender where to live or work. Now that I know a sex offender lives in my neighborhood, what should I do differently to protect myself and my family?

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Open communication between parents and children are vital components of family safety. In general terms, tell your children that this person has hurt someone before.

Explain to them that they should stay away from this individual. Review safety tips, and be aware of common lures.

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