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Travel is usually associated with a tower climber gig, but it really depends on what kind of work you will be doing. So keep in mind these are range, estimations, and general industry practice, but your experience may vary. Remember those long hours mentioned previously? The good thing is that most offer 1.

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Geography plays a huge part in starting pay. These are yearly estimates, but many times climbers are paid hourly.

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Many of these positions include a company vehicle you use for your job and take home every night, so you are responsible for keeping an eye on it. The company you work for pays for meals each day and some also pay for the hotel rooms in addition to the per diem. Benefits are straightforward, with most companies offering full medical and dental, and some even a k. In a job that involves a lot of heights, you definitely want insurance! After all, they are risking life and limb hundreds of feet in the air just so we can all have a good call signal.

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For more information on the necessary experience, training and equipment, click here. Join us next week for the final installment in this series when we discuss tips for putting together a great resume, as well as how to search for a tower climber job. Looking for tower climber positions? Able to work well with others. Able to read blueprints, details and specifications. Anritsu certified strongly preferred. Knowledge of and ability to operate Test Equipment i. Valid Physical Card required. Competent Climber Certified. OSHA 10 Certified. RF Safety Awareness Completed. If interested and qualified please feel free to send me your updated resume jaris.

Hi my name is Gary Huddleston I am a comtrained certified climber I have a lot of certifications I really love to climb and I need a good company I am very loyal I have a wife a and a daughter but I understand travel and am willing I am a very hard worker if interested in my work please contact me at or email me at Huddleston.

Travel, lodging and gas expenses will be covered by my client. Please call me or shoot me an email with your most updated resume and will call you right away. My name is Kailie and I am a tree climber from northern Indiana seeking winter work and possibly new career. Although I do not have and previous experience or knowledge in this field, I am a fast hands on learner with a strong work ethic!

What Is Involved in a Cell Tower Technician's Job?

I really enjoy adrenaline jobs such as, climbing ft open structured trees for pruning or maybe dangling from a crane during a storm damage removal. Hillclimbing dirtbikes and skydiving are amongst my favorite extra curricular activities. I have ADHD, therefore, traditional jobs do not hold my attention and I have a tendency to get bored with the job. If it gets my adrenaline going, it will hold my attention!

If you are interested in a hard working, self motivated, dedicated, team member with the desire to excel, please do not hesitate to respond and I will get a resume to you A. Thank you for your time and consideration! I am looking for a company that seeks a serious employee that wants to deliver solid work and make my way up.

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I want to be an asset that will make a company grow and be successful. I learn very quickly and there is no challenge too big or small. I moved my way from the ground to a foreman in 13 months between 2 companies.

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I have been in the industry for a total of 18 months, but I doubt you would guess that without my employment history. All of my equipment such as a harness and anything attached to it, I have purchased and personally own. I would like to stay in the Michigan area so if anyone out there thinks I may be a match for what they are looking for, please email. Andrewfisher2nd gmail. Hi my name is Teresa I am currently in Houston Texas seeking a no experience tower climbing job with the ability to grow with a company.

I have been learning as much as I can with the help of my fiance that is a TowerHand in Houston Texas. I feel that with us both being Tower hands we would be a great addition to a company as well as in our future. I am a well experienced tower hand. I have been climbing for 15 years,and still climbing today. I have done almost everything there is to do on a tower.

Stacked guy and self supporters. Painted,re guy,modification work,to demo of towers. I can run a crew with the right hands. I am a comtrained certified tower climber with about two years experience. I currently reside in Bessemer Alabama but can relocate and look forward to it. I am looking for a tower company with a 5 -8 week rotation travel schedule as I love to be on the road. I have a resume ready to send out.

If anybody is in the San Antonio Texas region or Texas in general we are looking for tower climbers and foreman. Contact me call or text for more info. My name is Jeffery Hood and I am looking for a civil tech position with a long term company. I have 9 years of experience with construction and tower climbing.

If anyone is interested in giving me the opportunity to work with their company please email me jhood gmail. I have worked in communications and am very mechanically-inclined and have a lot of experience with computers. I am willing to travel and even relocate if necessary, and I am hoping to find a company that I can start a career with. Please email me, I am a very hard worker and I am willing to do what it takes to join this profession.

A good friend of mine works as a cell tower auditor and has been for a few years now. He got the job through one of his friends and I myself have been trying to get hired through him and his girlfriend they are partners with the same company. What advice does anyone have to help me better my chances at getting on quicker? I even had his GF send me a copy of the checklist form that they use for every tower and have been studying that for a couple months now.

I have 8 years of rock climbing experience. My current job I use a certain hand held GPS device outdoors all year in all weather conditions. Anyway, great interview and I hope one day I can say to those who ask, I climb cell towers and love every minute of it. He is in hotel after hotel but does get per diem.

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Such an incredibly low paying occupation! Not to mention cut corners on safety to save a few bucks or just out of stupidity. I climbed for two different companies and I assure you that you do not want this job. If you find cellular interesting and want to get into the field, get a job doing in-building DAS. You will make more money in half the hours. If you are local in the area great, if not you can still apply as well. Serving DC. Please forward your resume to valente.

Qualifications: Experience or certifications in any of the following a plus but not required for the positions. Most importantly you must be a career oriented, hard worker with the desire to excel.

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Requirements: Must be able to legally work in the US, pass drug screening, and a valid drivers license is a plus. Must be able to travel as needed and be of good physical condition. Benefits: Competitive pay based on experience, health insurance, paid vacation time, paid holidays, competitive per diem, safety and industry training.